how counseling can change your life

how counseling can change your life

3 Ways Therapists And Counselors Help Troubled Youth Move Forward

by Timmothy Miles

Many children deal with mental and emotional challenges, especially during their teenage years. This does not mean that they cannot grow up to have lovely lives and be productive members of society. However, many troubled young people do need a little help "getting their bearings" and moving past the challenges they face. A therapist or counselor can help with that immensely. Here are some of the strategies they often use with troubled youth.

1. Communication Therapy

Often, young people struggle because they feel they are unable to express themselves. Either they cannot find the words to express what they are feeling, or the adults in their lives are not interested in listening to and validating their feelings. A therapist can help give a child the language they need to express themselves. They can also work with parents, giving them strategies to help them better listen to and communicate with their children. Once the lines of communication open up, there tends to be much more understanding between parent and child, which can put an end to a lot of the emotional turmoil a child is going through.

2. Hobbies and Activities

Giving kids a hobby or activity to focus on often helps them regain mental stability and focus. The therapist may help a child explore a new interest, whether that is writing, reading, running, or playing a sport. Kids can also learn other soft skills like problem-solving and communicating by way of these activities. The therapist will regularly check in with them to discuss the experiences they have had within the activity and how they can apply what they've learned to their daily lives. Participating in something new can help a child feel like they have their own identity; many troubled teens struggle with identity.

3. Teaching Healthy Coping Skills

Negative feelings come about in life; that's a fact. The problem is that many children have not yet learned how to deal with negative feelings in a healthy way. They may instead turn to self-harm, anger, and retaliation whenever they are feeling down. A therapist can help them explore new ways of dealing with negative emotions, such as journaling, deep breathing, creating art, or chatting with a supportive peer.

If your child has been struggling mentally and emotionally, do not hesitate to reach out to a therapist. He or she can work with your child over time, employing the strategies above and possibly others.

To learn more about troubled youth treatments, contact mental health professionals in your area.


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how counseling can change your life

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