how counseling can change your life

how counseling can change your life

How Can A Couples Therapist Help New Parents?

by Timmothy Miles

Relationships can be a source of joy and love. However, they require hard work and dedication. Relationships can be especially difficult during turning points in your life, such as when you welcome a new child into the world. When problems arise, you and your partner may not be able to solve them alone. If you find you require outside assistance, couples therapy may be just what you need. Here are four ways a couples therapist can help new parents:

1. Help you resolve issues with your own parents.

Becoming a parent doesn't automatically free you from your past. If you or your partner have unresolved issues with your own parents, it may affect your relationships. Discussing these issues in couples therapy can help you resolve your feelings, so you can move on. Your partner will be present the entire time, which means they can provide support if you need to talk about difficult memories. Likewise, you will be able to support your loved one while they delve into their own childhood.

2. Allow you to lay out your expectations.

Many couples hold unspoken expectations of each other, particularly when it comes to childbearing. If your expectations don't align, they can become a source of strife. Making your desires explicit can prevent misunderstandings. It can help you discover places where your desires and those of your partner do not align. A couples therapist can help you come to a healthy compromise that will preserve your relationship.

3. Assist you in navigating your new roles.

When you have a child, you must deal with becoming a parent as well as a romantic partner. This can be a difficult transition for some people. Some people have negative associations with the idea of being a father or mother. These issues can manifest as sexual problems within the relationship. A couples therapist will help you talk through your issues using sensitivity and tact. They will help you and your partner come to terms with your new roles as parents, allowing you to see how your roles as lovers can coexist.

4. Foster strong communication.

Communication is the cornerstone of all relationships. If you and your partner have insufficient communication skills, parenthood will probably exacerbate the issue. A couples therapist will help you and your partner talk to each other about important issues. Your therapist will encourage you to have meaningful discussions when you're at home, carrying on the work you start in therapy.

If you're preparing to have a child and want to ensure a strong marriage throughout the process, consider seeing a couples therapist.


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how counseling can change your life

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