how counseling can change your life

how counseling can change your life

Why Counseling Matters When You're Depressed

by Timmothy Miles

If you are struggling with depression, whether it is a seasonal depression or a more long-lasting depression, you may be wondering what you can or should do about the situation. One of the options available to you is counseling. But you might be unsure as to whether or not going to counseling really matters when you are suffering from depression. Get to know some of the reasons that counseling does matter when you are depressed. Then, you can schedule your counseling appointment. 

You Can Talk Openly

One of the best things about seeing a counselor when you're depressed is that you can talk openly about what you are feeling. They will not judge you. They will also not be emotionally invested in how you are feeling. This makes them better to talk to than close family and friends in a lot of ways. 

You can express everything you are thinking and feeling to a counselor and not get a rise out of them. They will listen and talk you through what is going on in your head. This can be a big help when you are dealing with depression because being isolated and alone in your thoughts and feelings is a big part of depression. 

You Can Come Up With New Ideas to Deal With Your Depression

Your counselor is not just there to listen to you, though that is a big part of counseling. They are also there to help you. One of the ways they can help is to help you come up with new ideas to deal with your depression. 

For example, a light therapy box may be recommended for seasonal or even other types of depression. Full-spectrum light therapy can help lift your mood and alter brain chemistry. They can also help you come up with activities or exercises to cope with negative thoughts, feelings of hopelessness, and more symptoms of depression depending on which are the worst for you. 

They Can Help You Get an ESA

Sometimes, when you are depressed, you need someone or something around to get you out of bed and to give you purpose. An ESA (emotional support animal) can be that for you. A counselor can write a letter (essentially a prescription) for an ESA so that you can get an animal, even if your housing does not allow pets. The counselor, of course, must determine that an ESA would benefit your mental health. 

You would simply need to contact your landlord and give them the letter. They may also want your counselor to fill out a form. Then, as long as your landlord cooperates (which legally they have to do if the accommodation request is reasonable), you can get an emotional support animal to help you deal with your depression and the associated symptoms. 

Now that you know why counseling matters when you are depressed, you can be sure that you schedule your counseling session as soon as you can. 


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how counseling can change your life

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