how counseling can change your life

how counseling can change your life

Special Education Services: How They Can Assist Your Child Along With Behavior Counseling

by Timmothy Miles

When you have a child who has behavior issues — be it problems with boundaries, following rules, control of one's emotional state, or impulse control — you want to do everything you can to help your child thrive. Contrary to what you may believe, behavior counseling is not limited to children who have obedience issues, but rather are for any individual who wants to improve their social and other skills.

Special education is another way your child can learn to thrive, especially if they are struggling at school. A common misconception about special education is that this type of learning is for children with special needs; however, special education can benefit any child of any school age learn to use their own skillsets to the best of their ability.

Your child can benefit from special education, and they don't have to go to a new school to do so. Here are ways a special education program can assist your child, especially if they are already taking part in a behavior counseling program.

Your child can learn what triggers them

If your child has emotional outbursts or has troubles paying attention, going into special education for the studies they struggle with most — like math or reading, for example — can help your young one learn what causes them to be easily frustrated or distracted so they can then learn how to stay on track and in control. Special education programs often include an individualized educational program, or IEP, for your child so they can have a behavioral specialist to work with.

Your child can avoid being overwhelmed

Often what makes a child stand out in a classroom as far as behavior goes is the ways they get overwhelmed. If your child has issues with social interaction or otherwise struggles with sensory stimulation or avoidance, they can easily get overwhelmed in the classroom and on the playground. Having your child taken out of the regular classroom for small periods of time so they can do their special education classes can help them avoid being overwhelmed, thus allowing them to get more out of their regular school experience.

Your child's behavior therapist can refer you to a special education services instructor to help you set up a learning program that will work best. This program can be modified and changed as your child's needs change and as they go through consistent, marked improvement. As your child progresses in their counseling and special education needs, you'll see them thrive in the classroom and beyond. Contact a special education service for more information. 


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