how counseling can change your life

how counseling can change your life

4 Benefits Of Intensive Outpatient Rehab Therapy Programs

by Timmothy Miles

Inpatient rehab programs don't suit everyone. If you don't qualify for an inpatient program or don't want to go in to rehab, then outpatient services can help.

If you think you want to take this route, then consider an intensive outpatient therapy program. What are the advantages of committing to an intensive program?

1. You Get Accelerated Help

Regular outpatient therapy programs might not give you the help you need as quickly as you need it. While effective, these programs take more time and work more slowly.

An intensive program works more like inpatient rehab; however, you don't have to sign yourself into a facility. You get more focused help at pace. This could speed up your recovery process.

You also get to use the things you learn in therapy more quickly and effectively. You aren't shut away in rehab during your treatment; you live your regular life. You apply the lessons you learn as soon as you start your program.

2. Your Everyday Life Isn't Disrupted

If you choose inpatient rehab therapy, then you spend some time living in your facility. Your regular life goes on hold until you finish the program.

You might not find the time to do this easily. For example, you might not be able to take time away from your job. You might have family members who depend on you financially and emotionally.

If you use an intensive outpatient therapy program, then your daily life isn't disrupted. Your therapy works around your everyday life. You can still go to work, look after your loved ones, and see your friends when you need additional support.

3. You Keep Your Problem Private

If you sign yourself into inpatient rehab, then you disappear for a while. You'll be out of circulation for weeks or months, and you won't necessarily be able to contact people.

Your boss, workmates, family, and friends might want to know where you are. You might not be able to keep your problem to yourself.

If you use an outpatient program, then nobody has to know that you are having rehab therapy. You can get the help you need without telling other people that you have a problem.

4. You Save Money

If you have to fund part or all of a rehab program, then you'll pay more to join an inpatient program. You might not be able to afford these costs. This can be a real problem if you don't have medical insurance or if your provider won't cover these costs. Outpatient therapy is usually cheaper. You get a more affordable solution.

To find out more, contact intensive outpatient therapy program specialists that work in your rehab area.


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how counseling can change your life

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