how counseling can change your life

how counseling can change your life

4 Reassuring Facts About Depression And Depression Treatment

by Timmothy Miles

Depression can be acute or chronic. It can also be mild or severe. No matter what type of depression you have, it can be beneficial to seek treatment for it. When faced with a new situation, it's normal to feel some apprehension, but learning about the situation can calm your fears and put your mind at ease. Here are some facts about depression and depression treatment that patients may find reassuring:

1. You are not weak or at fault for your depression

Unfortunately, there is some stigma against people with mental illnesses. Because self-sufficiency is so highly prized in many cultures, people who require help managing their mental health sometimes believe they are weak for needing assistance. However, it takes great strength to seek treatment for your depression. Depression can affect anyone, regardless of their outlook on life. Depression is never your fault, but you can take steps toward a brighter future by seeking out depression therapy.

2. You can choose to proceed with or without medication

Some patients hesitate to speak to their doctor about their symptoms of depression because they fear they may be prescribed antidepressants. Antidepressants are safe medications that can greatly help people with depressive symptoms. However, it's natural to have some reservations about starting a new drug. You should keep in mind that you will not be forced to accept any type of treatment. If you're uncomfortable taking medication, you can decline prescription drugs, even if they're recommended by your doctor. Even people who choose not to take antidepressants can benefit from working on their depression in therapy, and you can always change your mind about taking antidepressants in the future.

3. You are never too old to get help for your depression

Some people are resistant to getting mental health treatment because they believe it's too late for them. However, there is never a bad time to seek treatment for depression. In fact, elderly people are more likely to experience depression than younger people. Therapy and medication can help people of all ages. Getting help for your depression symptoms can greatly improve your quality of life as you age into your retirement years.

4. You can return for more treatment if your depression recurs

For some people, depression is a lifelong companion, but it often waxes and wanes in severity. It's typical to conclude your depression treatment if your symptoms abate. If you find that your symptoms return in the future, you can always start treatment again.


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how counseling can change your life

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