how counseling can change your life

how counseling can change your life

What You Need To Know About Reiki Energy

by Timmothy Miles

Reiki therapy can be a relaxing, calming therapy that helps balance your energy and clear you of negative energy. For new patients, however, the concept may seem a bit disconnected. Even if the patient believes in the concept of energy transfer between people, Reiki can still be a somewhat confusing concept. It may look like the Reiki practitioner is sending good energy to the patient, but that's not quite what's going on.

This Is Universal Energy Flowing Through Someone 

The energy in use here is universal energy, not the practitioner's own energy. The practitioner has been trained to allow universal energy in to flow through their body and hands into the patient's body. Now, if you're going to a Reiki session, you should choose a practitioner whose energy you feel comfortable with, but that's not because you'll be receiving that energy; in that case, you just want to work with someone who does not throw you off and make you feel tense as that kind of defeats the purpose of undergoing Reiki. Working with a Reiki practitioner who you feel comfortable with is like going to a doctor you feel confident in.

It Does Not Require Touch

The transfer of energy in Reiki does not require touch. It's certainly easier with touch, as touch eliminates the extra distance between the energy in the hands and the patient's body. But Reiki is just as effective when the practitioner is not touching the patient's body. So, if you're going to be the patient in a Reiki session, and you're not sure you want someone touching you, you can request that they not do so. They'll hold their hands a couple of inches from you instead.

It Can Travel Over Distances

Reiki energy is not some loose cloud that reaches you because you happen to be closest to it. It is directed, and when both you and the practitioner choose a time, it can be done remotely. If you're interested in Reiki but still aren't comfortable being in a closed room with someone after the past couple of years, you can seek out a practitioner who can send the energy to you from another room.

You will find Reiki practitioners who are willing to do remote Reiki and yet other practitioners who prefer in-person sessions. Speak with a few to find out what they find to be most effective in their practice, and choose a practitioner whose technique sounds good to you.

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how counseling can change your life

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