how counseling can change your life

how counseling can change your life

3 Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

by Timmothy Miles

Going through a divorce is always emotionally and financially complicated. Besides the sadness and sense of loss you may be experiencing, you also have to come to an agreement with your ex regarding the division of assets and debts, child custody, whether or not to sell your home, and many other details. If your divorce is relatively amicable, you may want to consider hiring a divorce mediator instead of a lawyer. Here are three benefits of doing so:

A Divorce Mediator Helps You Communicate Effectively

Divorce tends to bring out the worst in people and be an emotionally charged time. It's likely that are unresolved emotional and relationship issues that contributed to the divorce happening in the first place. Luckily, divorce mediators are trained to help former couples communicate effectively and respectfully in order to reach a consensus.

Many divorce mediators have backgrounds in counseling, and they are also trained in how to help you set boundaries and ground rules for how you communicate with each other. You will both feel heard and get a chance to express your needs in the divorce agreement.

A Divorce Mediator Can Help Save You Money

Like a divorce lawyer, a divorce mediator typically bills by the hour, but a mediator will likely charge less than a lawyer. In addition, since divorce mediation is designed to help reach an agreement between you and your ex, you will likely not be charged for as many hours as you would with a lawyer. When you work with a mediator, you and your ex can also share the cost since the mediator is working on behalf of both of you.

A Divorce Mediator Can Streamline Your Divorce Proceedings

Many people find that they can't truly move on until their divorce is finalized. When you and your ex are not on the same page, a divorce can be dragged on for several months or even years. Because divorce mediation is designed to reach a cordial consensus between both parties, you may find that the divorce can move more quickly. The more agreement there is regarding the terms of your divorce, the easier it will be to finalize everything.

If divorce mediation sounds like the right option for you, ask your ex if they would be willing to join you for a consultation appointment. This way both of you will have a chance to ask questions before beginning the divorce mediation process.

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